• The first pain free night for a week.  ~Ros
  • Patricia has been my therapist for approximately 10 years and also my yoga instructor for the last 2 1/2 years. She is caring and compassionate and I highly recommend her healing hands which I have experienced during Reiki, deep muscle massage and CranioSacral Therapy. I would definitely say 5* holistic therapy.  ~Alison M
  • I just wanted to say thank you for my massage yesterday. I woke up this morning pain free after months of back pain. It was such a relief. It has been so long I couldn’t remember what it felt like to have no back pain. You have worked wonders.   ~Nic
  • My daughter was diagnosed with a mental health condition and it was so sad to see her struggling to cope with life. After more than a year on medication and innumerable visits to doctors her condition was stable but she was no longer the delightful daughter we used to have.

After just a few months seeing Patricia our daughter is back. The improvement in her mood and her ability to cope with the unexpected has been marked. Patricia’s calm, patient centered, multidisciplinary approach has worked wonders. Thank you.  ~Stephen R

  • I’m feeling really buzzy, that was amazing work today……really I feel good, loads better than I have been, I’m scrubbing the house!!!! ~SS, Surrey
  • The session was wonderful and part of a time of great insights and self realisation, so thank you.   ~Chan, Berkshire
  • I am feeling good. Yesterday when I woke I  felt my head belonged to my body, my eyes felt clearer and head and neck were very comfortable. Whatever you did it has helped greatly.  ~Sam
  • I went to see Patricia not knowing much about CranioSacral therapy and unsure what to expect. Patricia immediately put me at ease with her gentle manner. We discussed what I was hoping to achieve and I hopped on the couch. I still can’t pinpoint what worked but the combination of hands-on (not sure what word you would use to describe the therapy) with visualisation and dialogue has turned my life around. Although life is still busy and the days are long, I am no longer filled with dread and anxiety. I have ‘let go’ for the first time in years, able to breathe, relax and look stress in the face so it is no longer really that stressful. I can’t thank Patricia enough.  ~Je
  • I can highly recommend the service provided by Patricia Spence.  I  have been suffering from fibromyalgia for over 20 years and have tried  all mechanical therapies available to relieve my condition with  varying degrees of success.  Within 3 sessions with Patricia I have  found that my symptoms have reduced dramatically and my outlook on  life has changed beyond all recognition.  Her gentle and understanding  approach have helped me gain insight into my condition and produced  results far beyond my expectations.  I would happily recommend her to  anyone with deep-seated issues that other treatments have failed to  address.  ~Jul
  • A completely frozen neck and shoulders were dissolved in just one session! I use Patricia for crisis intervention and prevention CranioSacral therapy. It is more than brilliant as I know she is a very powerful energy therapist and just a very lovely, trustworthy and comforting presence with a good sense of humour. She has made me understand how important it is to listen to my body when I have spent a lifetime in denial of its existence. I have recommended her to many of my friends and they have all come away feeling the session made a real difference! ~Jo
  • I first met Patricia in 2000, the world was celebrating the New Millennium, the sun was shinning, the birds were singing, but I was struggling being a first time Mum with Post Natal Depression since the birth of my son in 1998. Knowing that there would be others also suffering from this condition didn’t really help: neither did people constantly reminding me how lucky I was having such a beautiful baby. My GP could only offer medication, which for months I had been taking, but now was told that being pregnant again I could not.

I knew I wasn’t going to cope on my own. I needed something to get me through or someone to tell me that all would fine. For me getting better was the ultimate goal, but coping from day to day seemed to drain all my energy, leaving me feeling negative and at times without hope. I needed a magic wand or something very much like it. I would wake feeling positive and hopeful for a new day a new beginning, but by lunch time I was in tears, waiting for the night to come.

I had never used Cranial Sacral Therapy before and was unsure how it could help, but I’m an open person who is prepared to give anything a try, I had everything to gain. Patricia was calm and reassuring over the phone.

I can remember after my first session with Patricia feeling so tired, I slept for hours, I woke feeling refreshed, I managed the next day, knowing that something was changing in me. It was slow at first, I would go a day without feeling hopeless and the tears were absent, then over the weeks I felt able to make decisions and stopped feeling the dread of each evening. I became aware that over the years, probably since I was a child, I had been storing stress and anxious feelings in my muscles causing pain and fatigue. Outwardly I appeared happy, content, confident and positive, dismissing any negative responses to disturbing and frightening events that had happened when I was younger. It is how I coped, but after the birth of my son, all these thoughts and feelings came to the surface. I now realise how vulnerable I was, how fragile I had become.

With Patricia by my side, guiding me through past events, helping my body to slowly release the tension and chemicals that had lain there waiting for the moment to escape. Patricia gave me the space to understand I could heal myself that I didn’t need to live in fear of my own thoughts and feelings. It took time to heal, but I was, I still am so grateful for Patricia’s calm and reassuring techniques which allowed me to be free of the depression that had been there even before my first child was born.

Over the years Patricia has continued to help me and the people I love, Steve, my husband, John my son and my beautiful daughter Victoria.

Patricia is a cherry tree that grows in the orchard, producing blossoms in the spring, so we can reach out for that handful of cherries when we need to experience a taste of sweet sunshine. I know when I’m eighty that I will look back on my life and remember Patricia and how she came when I most needed someone, how through her calm and gentle practice she changed how I see the world.  ~Jules R

1-2-1 Yoga

  • As a complete novice, I wanted to the opportunity to experience yoga and understand the benefits and potential impact on my wellbeing. Trying to fit it in with a full time job and a busy family was going to be difficult. Then I found Trish who flexed her time and gave me that introduction. We’ve had several 1:1 sessions where Trish has taught me the correct breathing and postures and encouraged me to challenge myself without risk. I’m astonished at how supple I’ve become. Her approach, expertise and calming teaching skills has had me physically achieving things I would not have believe possible, especially after 5 children! I’ve even started to get my figure back and feel great!
    I can’t recommend Trish highly enough, my sessions with her have simply changed my life.
    Thank you Trish.  ~Lu

Mum’s & Babes Postnatal Yoga

  • I just want to say your class yesterday was brilliant I can feel my body reacting to the stretching today and it feels great. Looking forward to the next class.  ~B

Pregnancy Yoga

  • Thank you for your help, your classes were great. ~AD


  • I went into labour on the Sunday and managed to stay at home until Tuesday lunchtime doing yoga breathing and using some of the moves that we did to try and ease the pain. We went into hospital after lunch on Tuesday and I was 7cm at that point (before they examined me they wanted to send me home as they didn’t think that I was that far gone as I was obviously coping too well with it)! and baby was born less than 2 hours later. I managed to get through it with gas and air and more yoga breathing.

So, thanks for reminding me about the breathing and teaching me some moves to help ease the pains.   ~Clair