Interesting & Useful Links

These are links to yoga teachers or therapists I know and whose work I endorse. Also included are informational links.

Dale Spence Yoga
Evening Yoga class,  Pranayama workshops, Corporate Yoga and interesting articles on Yoga.

So.Soap Company
Artisan soap makers. Soaps made from pure vegetable oils, colour and fragrance from herbs, spices, natural colours or essential oils.
Parvati Magazine
Thanks to Parvati Magazine for sharing this freely with all.


Farnham Local Foods

This is a delicious way to play a part in supporting the production of sustainable and healthy food.

“If we are to transform our food systems so that the maximum amount of people can eat nutritious food produced in the right ways, we need to work together, share ideas, pool resources and connect as part of a global food movement. Every voice counts.”


Discounts for Forces


http://www.Brief Interlude Health Therapies

Colonic Hydrotherapy
Hypnotherapy Hypnoanalysis EFT

Flexion Fitness provide personalised training sessions in the comfort of your own home or at our base in Ash Vale or If you are the sociable type, who prefers to workout with others and make new friends, then why not join one of our classes in the local area.
The life period with the highest adaptability and vulnerability to environmental factors – the period inside the womb.

One of my favourite authorities on childbirth, Michel Odent talking about childbirth:

Eat Right For Your Type
Dr. Peter D’Adamo and The Blood Type Diet™