Life Coaching

Life coaching is the newest, fastest and most effective way to reassess and rework any area of your life. What a personal trainer does for your body, a life coach does for the rest of your life.  ~The Guardian


Coaching is a well-structured series of conversations between a professional coach and you, the client, with the intent to guide and empower you toward a more fulfilled and positively enhanced life, towards making your aspirations a reality. This is most successfully achieved by guiding you in setting appropriate goals and intentions, and establishing realistic actions to achieve those goals and intentions. A professional Life Coach has been described as a trusted role model, an advisor, a guide, a teacher, a sponsor, an example – someone who models the way for us through their humanity, compassion, competence, and caring. They are often viewed as a source of inspiration, gifted in areas where others want to gain expertise, and trusted as reliable learning resources.


Everyone needs a mentor – someone to believe in your abilities, and most of all, someone to help you set clear goals to achieving the life you want. Having identified these goals, I will help you to break them down, prioritise them and realise that they really are within your grasp. You might need to work on your health and fitness, stress management, personal finances or simply the happiness of getting in touch with who you are.


Focusing on yourself has been considered frivolous, a waste of time. The process of knowing your value in the world has become much simpler due to the personal discovery advancements in development resources that have happened over the years. Your talents, inherent skills, preferences, lifestyle needs and even your whims have never been easier to discover. This may mean a new standard of success, a career or lifestyle change, a new or enhanced relationship. These changes are all valid and worthwhile because every part of you is worth further development.


As your Life Coach I am totally committed to working in partnership with you to solve your problems and create a life you want to live, whilst making it as fun and interesting along the way as possible. I will support, motivate and believe in you. I can help you develop greater self-esteem, self-confidence, encourage you to trust in your own ability and help you discover your own inspiration and potential. Coaching sessions with me are friendly, relaxed and focussed. I will listen to your thoughts, needs, fears and doubts in an honest, sensitive and non judgmental way.

I believe, with Life Coaching a relatively small investment of time and money can pay dividends in the long term. If you are willing to take the time, put in the effort and work together on this. As your Life Coach, I will be committed to helping you achieve, change and accomplish whatever you want. Your own best resource is yourself and Life Coaching is an investment in yourself.


Coaching with me can be one-to-one or over the telephone and email. For a no obligation, free initial consultation or further information contact me by phone or email. Coaching sessions are available in a range of prices and time slots as well as individual sessions.



I feel stronger and calmer in myself and even though I have had a challenging month with a new job routine. These sessions have made me think deeply about my life, and the possibilities that are out there for me. ~Sue

The life coaching sessions have been a positive, healing experience for me and I have come away with some very useful tools to use when confronted with any difficult situation in the future. ~Teresa

 Since beginning my life coaching with Patricia, I have managed to get myself an extra part time job (something I wasn’t really motivated to do), start a degree with the open university (something I told myself I couldn’t possibly cope with!) and I have realised that I can do what  ever  I set my mind to (something I told other people but I never believed it about me). I look to the future now not the past!. I could not have done this without Patricia’s encouragement, affirmations, exercise’s and new ways of thinking. Thank you. ~Vicky

Detailing my perfect scenario led me to realise where I wanted to be in the not too distant future. ~David